That's how they play politics?

No, this incredibly stilted piece wants to focus on a single line from a speech made the same day.

The case against Trump was the build over months to rile, condone and give license to violence. As Mitch McConnell said, it was the "growing crescendo of false statements, conspiracy theories and reckless hyperbole."

With each gleeful retweet when his supporters tried to run his opponents off the road in Texas, to the "stand by" to others who used that as a rally cry and permission to threaten in assembly. It's been a continued pattern. But sure, let's narrow the focus to the sleight of hand phrase.

The President spent months on the big lie and then feigns ignorance when attorneys on his payroll call for 'Trial by combat' and acts surprised when people react with reckless and dangerous behavior.

But the months of decrying a rigged election aside, now look to the hours spent doing nothing as the events on the Capitol unfolded by people wearing his hats, flying his banners, and chanting his name while beating on law enforcement. He threw his own VP under the bus. This inaction was the same as the retweets about the bus, or smirky comments about roughing up 'fake news' correspondents at his rallies - it provided further inspiration to his followers to continue on a path of lawless violence.

In his first mention asking people (many of them criminals) to go home, he still shared that he "loved" them along with the baseless, months-old lies about a stolen election. Who else did he love? Those Texans trying to run a campaign bus off the road per tweet Nov 1.

This piece is a great example of deflection, distraction and "what about-ism." The rest is a total stretch that makes some magical leaps in logic. Among them:

"if you are a peaceful protester, why did you get thrown in jail?"...seriously??

"Her actions directly put dangerous people back on the street " -- No, this incorrectly assigns blame. The way the justice system works is that if a judge deems it is safe to do so, a person is allowed bail while they await trial. If not, they are remanded. If you believe bail is incarceration or punishment, that would be an incorrect assumption. If you find issue with this process, then look towards the justice system for reform.

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