We Cannot Endure Another Two Weeks

It’s time to invoke the 25th Amendment

Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

We were told to wait on Election Day because all the ballots would be trickling in. So we waited. We were told to wait until the end of that first week in November when all votes were tallied. So we waited. When all major news outlets projected the presidential winner, as they’ve done for years prior to a concession statement, we were told that the “media doesn’t call elections.” So we waited.

We were told to wait until over 50 legal challenges were heard (and lost). So we waited. We were told to wait until the states certified their elections. So we waited. And we were told to wait until today, when Congress would meet to count the Electoral College ballot. And we waited for that day. (even though we knew the Electoral College should be dismantled).

Today this day came. With riots by thugs in MAGA hats who were enticed to “be there, will be wild! ”by the President. The mayhem involved a continued legitimizing of racism and violent imagery, with Confederate flags flown and a noose erected by Trump supporters outside the Capitol.

The President has declared war against all of us.

Now, we see that a civilian woman who heard Trump’s call to action is dead after breaching the Capitol building, according to The New York Times. We know that multiple law enforcement officers have been injured today, per CNN.

Please be clear that when I use the word “we,” I do not mean Democrats. I do not mean Republicans, nor Independents. I mean Americans. This is not us versus them. We are all “us”. We, the people. And the President has declared war against all of us as he scorches the earth.

Quite frankly, we’ve been waiting for four years. We have watched this grand experiment unfold — the reality show charlatan in the country’s highest office. Just “one-term” became “just one more year,” which became “just a few more months.” In December, we believed we could wait until January 20th, to endure just a little longer. Like an abused victim, we thought, if only we could take just a few more lashings, it would all soon be over.

But we can wait no longer. Lives are in danger. He uses his social trumpet, and people follow. That’s the raw power of evangelism from the highest pulpit. This spring, an Arizona man died after ingesting fish tank cleaner containing chloroquine after Trump hyped the unproven benefit of hydroxychloroquine. This wasn’t isolated confusion — states saw a spike in calls to poison control lines following Trump’s comments.

Every opportunity to send a mature, presidential message has been diluted with his narcissistic agenda. Just months ago, when asked to disavow violent groups during the presidential debates, he famously said to the Proud Boys, “stand by and stand down.” The group then used his “stand by” message as tacit approval of their behavior and their rallying cry online.

This afternoon, Trump was forced to record a video where he asked his rioting supporters to “go home.” But he couldn’t utter those words until first rehashing baseless accusations meant to stoke his followers. The video, now deleted by Twitter, began with, “I know your pain, I know your hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election, and everyone knows it, especially the other side.”

This is not democratic; this is not leadership. None of us can be proud of this behavior.

Many will die from Trump’s inaction on Covid and his lame-duck days spent golfing and “taking many calls” while Americans suffer from coronavirus. But as he takes advantage of the naïve Americans he has conned by his ruse, more may die as he continues to sow discord, incites violence, and calls for insurrection.

It took Twitter four years and a person getting killed for the social platform to act today by locking Trump’s account. For 12 hours. That’s a dollar short and a day late.

Those who believe in democracy, regardless of blue or red hue, must invoke the 25th Amendment. The President is not fit for office. We cannot wait any longer, not even for two weeks. Our very lives depend upon it.

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